JKWeekly 21/6 – 27/6

Warner Brothers Done f**ked up

A lot of people were looking forward to the release of the newest Batman game, but if they were a member of the PC master race then they were in for a big surprise. One of the biggest arguments for spending more on a gaming computer is that the graphical experience is much better than that of its console counterparts.

Batman seems to be the first game of this generation of console where the PC version, which is a port of the console version, looked much, much worse than on a console. So much so that Warner Brothers pulled the PC version from stores.

The most noticeable problems included a locked framerate of 30FPS which may not be a problem for console gamers as this is something that they will be used to, but is enough to make the hard-core PC gamers with their multi thousand pound rigs weep.

The game has some pretty serious recommended system requirements too, so for it to be outperformed in some areas on a PS4, it’s a pretty heavy blow to those who are used to the best.

If you have bought the game, you can claim a refund at the store or online retailer that you purchased the game from, alternatively you can wait until they release a patch to fix the issues.

Netflix Introduced PAYG gift cards

Netflix already has a pretty fair pricing plan and a month’s free trail, but that’s still not enough for some people to hand over their credit card details at the end of the month. Alternatively, you may already be a subscriber but you just forked out for a spanking new 4K telly but may not be ready to commit to the extra cash each month for the 4K content unless you know it’s worth it.

Or maybe you have a couple of kids that need some entertaining over the summer holidays?

These gift cards can be found along with all the other gift cards in the normal places such as your local supermarket. You will be able to purchase £15, £25 and £50.

If you are already paying for Netflix, you can still make use of these cards as they will just add the amount onto your account, then continue charging you as normal once they run out.

The value on the card can be used towards any of the different subscription types – from SD all the way through to it’s Ultra HD 4K streams – but isn’t just aimed at the standard monthly rates.

The value on the card is applied to your account for as long as the chosen £15, £25 or £50 would last on that particular subscription model, on a per day and not just on a per month basis.

As long as there’s money in the account the service will continue to run. When it does run out you can then top up with a new card or choose any of its other payment options.

Google lets loose it’s self-driving cars

Google’s self-driving cars are being released on the open roads of Mountain View, California.

The cars will be limited to 25mph and equipped with a removable steering wheel, gas pedal and brake in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Windows 10 Pricing Confirmed

 windows 10 family

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for a lot of people but what about those people who don’t own a genuine windows licence? Or those who are still running Vista or older Operating systems?

Well Microsoft have announced their pricing skews for these people.

For Windows 10 Home you will have to pay £99

There is still no UK price for the Pro edition yet, but the U.S. prices are sat at $129 for home and $199 for Pro.

With this in mind I imagine that we will be looking at around £180 for the Pro version of the OS. However in the fine print you will find that all of these are estimated retail prices, so there may be some changes later.

Apple Pay may not be limited to the same £20 cap as contactless cards for long.

Apple has confirmed that the current limit of £20 Apple Pay transitions that takes effect when the service launches in the UK in July won’t be permanent.

If you were hoping to use Apple Pay to buy expensive goods, or even a weekly food shop at your local supermarket, you might have been disappointed to learn that you could only use Apple Pay for transactions below £20 – the same as when paying with contactless debit cards.

Apple has clarified on its webpage that the reason for this limit is because many of its retail partners are using older contactless payment terminals.

Apple Pay can make use of a technology known as “Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method” which is found in newer terminals and will allow Apple Pay to work with more expensive purchases.

Retailers will hopefully move to the newer terminals in the future – though it could be a slow process. If they’re a launch partner and Apple Pay is a big hit, however, it might force them to upgrade sooner.

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